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I suppose I've been practicing with totally wrong technique with scales. Now both wrists hurt and have been hurting now for a week without let-up.

Is there something I can do that will alleviate the pain?

-- Eddie Topaz (, April 27, 2001


Are you trying to play without moving your wrists? That could be the problem.

-- Music Educator (, April 27, 2001.

Or if you've been sick for a while and haven't played during that time, then jump into playing heavily, that might also give you pain. It happened to me just before Easter (I'd been sick and hadn't played, then we did 2 hour practices 3x's a week). I *ruined* them playing so soon and so long at a time, that I was in pain, too. I went to a doctor and he agreed I had done too much, so he told me to take I B Profin for 2 weeks. Maybe try that for a few days?? It's certainly helped my pain! :)


-- Julie (, April 27, 2001.

You're totally right in your asumption that you probably practiced the wrong way, otherwise your wrists wouldn't hurt. It is concerning that your wrists hurt for such a lng time. most of the time the pain is not just coming suddenly, I assume you felt pretty uncomfortable and tense while practising. I also assume that you practiced too fast (thus got tense). Here are a couple of suggestions: -observe your fingers, wrists, arms, elbows, chest, back, and the rest of your body while playing, there shouldn't be any tension in any of these body parts -practice slowly!!! (go up to the limit, but not beyond!!) -do not only play with fingers, your wrists and arms are as important (find ways like rotation, up-down movements, etc for the wrists and arms) -while you play, your arms (and shoulders) should feel exactly like if you would just have your hands resting on your thighs -have somebody watch you (or tape yourself) and analyse your body behavior

Take your time and have patience with yourself, and most importantly: don't continue like you did, otherwise you're gonna ruin your hands!!! Hope this helps!!!

-- Christian (, January 31, 2002.

Dear Eddie, I suspect that you are either cocking your wrists above the level of your arms as you play or else dropping your wrists below the level of your arms. Either extreme direction will cause pain and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and the pain which you describe. Try too keep your wrists in a neutral position (level with your arms) but avoid tension too since a some wrist flexibility is necessary to play expressively. Warming up your muscles BEFORE even touching the instrument will help, too. You can see some of these exercises in Madeleine Bruser's "The Art of Practicing." A consultation with a master piano teacher, certified Hand Therapist, or conservative Hand Surgeon would help you understand correct, healthy wrist posture. Correct playing technique should never be painful. I wish you the best!

-- Pamela Pianist (, October 15, 2004.

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