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I am looking for some feedback on the new Delta 400 emulsion, especially on 35mm. For 120 and 4x5 I am very happy with HP5+, but it is a little grainy on 9x12 enlargements from 35mm negatives. Any info would be appreciated.

-- Kenneth Eckert (, April 27, 2001


My first 4 rolls show it to be an EI well above 400, 650?+, and the processing guide line for DDX to produce over processed conrasty negatives. All that said, it is very fine grained, sharp, and holds highlights and shadow detail. At this point a work in progress...with possibilities. More later.

-- Steven Alexander (, April 27, 2001.

There is a good article in Photo Techniques on test of new Delta400/DDX. It's indicated that it gives speed of 800.

-- Boris Krivoruk (, April 27, 2001.

Ilford's development recommendation for D-76/ID-11 is a good starting point.

Specifically referring to EI, note that test reports in which the tester has used DD-X can lead to the notion that the film's EI is significantly higher than its rating. It is _not_ except in DD-X, Microphen and similar developers. Those developers are speed-enhancing developers, giving EI 640 for HP5+ for normal contrast, with the penalty of somewhat more graininess than D-76/ID-11.

-- John Hicks (, April 27, 2001.

Just shot 4 rolls of new Delta 400 as a test with DD-X and XTol 1:1. First two rolls were developed in DD-X 1:4 and XTol 1:1 for Ilford's recommended times at 20C (don't have them with me now). With my equipment, DD-X gave EI400 and XTol gave EI250, although the zone 8 dmax of the XTol roll is a bit lower than I like (1.2 vs my preferred 1.3-1.4) I'll develop another test roll with XTol a bit longer to get the dmax up and see if there's any effect on EI.

My earlier tests of HP5+, old 400 Delta, and TMY in XTol 1:1 resulted in EI320 for HP5+, EI200 for old 400 Delta, and EI250-320 for TMY, indicating that the new Delta 400 is somewhat faster than the old.

-- Dave Williams (, May 01, 2001.

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