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Hi everyone!

I know that there was a thread on this last year, but the systems are supposed to be better now. We are getting ready to build and are considering this alternative. The electric water heater we currently use fills up with calcium/lime/rust flakes and eats elements frequently. We're tired of the hassle and if this type of heater will be more efficient, then it's worth looking into.

I have a few questions for you? Will insulating the pipes really help much? ...We can do this as they are installed. If you have installed one in the past year, how has it worked out for your family? Would you buy another system like this? What would you do differently? Have you really noticed enery savings?


-- Shannon Cooper (, April 26, 2001


Response to Aquastar tankless water heaters

We just installed a new Aquastar 5 months ago and we are delighted with it. Our old water heater was really old and used a huge amount of propane 24 hours a day. The Aquastar only uses propane when we are using hot water and there is a _tremendous_ saving in propane! We plan on building a solar powered house in the next year or two and the model we bought will sense the temperature of solar preheated water and then bring the temp up to where we want it, when we get to that point. We have very hard water and will have to run vinegar thru the heater every once in a while to keep it from gunking up, but so far, no problems there at all. It heats the water very fast and the hot water keeps coming as long as the tap is on. It's mounted on the kitchen wall so it's a very short pipe run to the kitchen sink and only about 8 feet thru the wall to the bathroom and washer. Pipe run thru the wall is insulated to prevent freezing. Cost was about $450 and yes, indeed I'd buy it again! We don't have any connection to Aquastar other than being very satisfied customers. During shipping, the carton was damaged and several parts were missing when it arrived. Customer service was wonderful! No hassle at all - the missing parts were shipped the same day we called and the people we dealt with were helpful and friendly. Great customer service.

Carol Mora

-- Carol Mora (, April 27, 2001.

Response to Aquastar tankless water heaters

Carol, My recollection is that vinegar will only clean soft lime (CACO3) not hard lime (CaSO4). You need a stronger acid.

On demand systems are common in Europe, and people don't worry about lime. I guess it's not a big problem. You would insulate for the same reasons you insulate a "conventional" system (or not).

-- David C (, April 27, 2001.

Response to Aquastar tankless water heaters

Your buildup problems are more from the water than the unit, but I'm all for anything that doesn't use electric!!

I've never used an on-demand system but have been considering one for certain uses... Such as the kitchen sink and possibly (if I ever get one) a washing machine. For the shower... Don't know - but then if I have one on the sink, I guess it would be a major waste to have a heater for just the bathroom.

Insulating the pipes DOES WORK. At least it did in IL. MUCH better to do as they are installed instead of the way we had to (our house was built in the 40's). There are a couple things to be aware of, though.

My grandfather had originally insulated them. We had to go into walls and all sorts of things because the tape he used on the outside of the insulation became dried and started peeling and cracking. I don't think they run the electric and water pipes so close anymore, but it was causing a problem with the old wiring, which also had to be replaced for the most part. It was a mess. But - remember - it was almost 60 years old, too....

-- Sue Diederich (, April 27, 2001.

You can get Aquastar units here through Ace hardware. We had a customer install one a month ago and he loves it. I believe the state of Oregon is offering a $340 tax credit at this time if you install a qualified instantaneous water heater .

-- jz (, April 30, 2001.

We have had an Aquastar for about two years now - and family members have started asking about getting one now too. We love it - with 3 teenage boys, we never run out of hot water.

Two things: You can't adjust for water temp on ours - hot is just hot so you have to adjust the temp at the fawcett (may be a concern with small children).

Also, be sure to shop around. Our solar dealer had one price but we found the best price at Jade Mountain ( The local plumber actually had installed one for a neighbor and we are really remote - so if you need help, it is very "doable" - husband and sons got ours in and plumbed the house for propane at the same time - only problem in the whole thing is they are pretty slow (too many distractions on a new homestead - plus full-time jobs or school on the side!)

-- Elizabeth (, May 03, 2001.

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