A Great Chance To Make A CofG F-3 A Reality

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On the CofG modler forum, writer Jim Six saya that he has been working with Intermountain on their F units and thinks that it is possible to get them to do a "chicken wire" F-3 in the Central's "as delivered" paint scheme. He says that Intermountain is wanting to do F units in roads not normally done. He also says that Intermountain has said that the squeaky wheel will get the grease. He is asking everyone to send Intermountain an E-mail requesting a CofG F-3, and to cc (carbon copy) him in the cc box of your E-mail. Intermountain's E-mail address is: intermountain@intermountain-railway.com Jim's e-mail address (for the cc) is: jimsix@ncweb.com . He is going to present all of the E-mails to Intermountain.

-- Richard Cole Jr. (raracole@prodigy.net), April 26, 2001


David, I haven't seen an Intermountain F-3 yet. The last time I was on their web site they didn't have a picture. I was just repeating Jim's request from the CofG modler's group on Yahoo. The F-7's on Intermountain's web site look awsome, but I've yet to see one in "person". The big thing about the Intermountain F-3 is that their is a chance to get them to do it in CofG, whereas Stewart had no intrest in doing one of their F-3's in CofG when they were approached by Todd Horton. I know that an experienced "scratchbuilder" could make an undecorated F-3 into a CofG unit, but most modlers don't have paint booths to do their own painting with. I feel that it's important to produce factory painted CofG equiptment in order to get more people modeling the Central, thereby increasing the membership of the CGRHS and insuring it's continued exsistence. It's no coincidence that with the growth of the hobby has come the growth of the number of railroad historical socities like the CGRHS. (In fact, I got my application to join the CGRHS at Riverdale Station, a hobby shop just south of Atlanta!) Richard

-- Richard Cole Jr. (raracole@prodigy.net), May 04, 2001.

Richard, What are the differences between the Stewart F3 Ph3 and the Intermountain F3's?

-- David Godwin (wdgodwin@aol.com), May 02, 2001.

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