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2001/04/25 17:47

The Air Force chief of staff is suspected of reporting a falsely minimized account of a January aircraft accident, Rep. Chung Hyung-keun of the main opposition Grand National Party said.

"An F-4D fighter-bomber overshot the runway of the Air Force base in Taegu, around 3:09 p.m., on Jan. 18 allegedly after a failure in its hydraulic machinery led to malfunction in the braking and steering mechanism," Chung claimed in a session of the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts held on Tuesday.

"Although the Air Force chief of staff reported to the defense minister that the financial loss incurred by the accident amounted to $195,000, internal documents containing Air Force investigation results show the incurred damage was estimated at $1.5 million or more," Chung said.

The lawmaker also said the two pilots escaped the aircraft as it broke away from the runway and afterwards were forbidden to fly. "This raises strong suspicions that the accident has been caused by human negligence or error, not by mechanical failure," he said, adding that the Air Force might have even further covered up the accident intentionally.

Defense Minister Kim Dong-shin replied that he has never heard of such an accident, but said those involved should be held accountable (for the accident) if Chung's claims prove true.

-- Doris (, April 26, 2001

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