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I was just looking at the CofG Steamers in Locomotive Quarterly, and happened to notice CofG caboose X 114 in The Right Way scheme. In the top left corner it reads PAINTED ATL 7-44 (?).

How many cabs of this style did the Central roster and how high did the numbers go? Also, where was the dividing point between the short bodied cars and the longer cars?


-- Russell Underwood (, April 25, 2001


Official List No. 52 dated August 1, 1954 shows 67 short cabs (27ft- 1in) and 36 long cabs (29ft-11in). There were still 3 wood relics on the list as well (no length specified). Official List No. 53 dated November 1, 1957 shows 64 short cabs and 35 long cabs. No relics. Official List No. 54 (the last?) dated September 1, 1961 shows 50 short cabs and 35 long cabs. X75 was the dividing point; the first of the long cabs.

-- David Payne (, April 26, 2001.

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