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Kadee has two new boxcars of interest to us in HO. The first is an SAL car, with the "Route of Courteous Service" logo, and the next is an RF&P car with the billboard initials and the Virginia map logo. Both are 40' box car red cars.

Like-Like is about a month or so away from introducing their phase I GP-7 decorated for ACL Royal Purple. I have one of the advance models in my posession, and it is beautiful!! Get your reservations in now, guys, as these should go fast.

From member Carey Stevens, for you N-scalers, is this announcement:Looks like all new stuff this month is ACL. Atlas has announced the all new 55 Ton Hopper Car. Car features: - All new fishbelly body style -Die Cast Underframe -Die Cast Slopesheets -Coal loads included -Both peak and flat end versions offered -Prototype paint schemes ACL black/white with road numbers 81217, 81226, 81234. June release and price to be announced.

Thanks for the info, Carey.

Paul Faulk Manufacturer's Liaison

-- Paul Faulk (, April 25, 2001


LL never considered doing an SAL GP-7 ph. 1. That was a GP-9 ph. 1, and that model has been cancelled. For the present, there are no new models being planned for any of our roads by LL. The explanation I got was "limited sales." My guess is that with the downturn in the economy, LL wants to invest in models that are "sure fire" sales.

As for the RS-3 and RS-11 from Atlas, I'll pass along your comments.

Paul Faulk

-- Paul Faulk (, May 03, 2001.


What ever happened to the Phase 1 GP 7 that P2K was supposed to do in SAL colors? I heard they were going to do one, but then they pulled the Seaboard roadname from the production run. Also, while I have your ear, can anyone get Atlas to rerelease their RS 3's in the SAL scheme and make a run of RS 11's in SAL as well? I know the Atlas models are the wrong phase for the RS 11, but they are incredible pieces and would look great in Seaboard green-yellow-orange anyway. Thanks. Regards, John

-- John V. Pasquariello (GRIZZLETOAD@AOL.COM), May 02, 2001.

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