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This is a very graphic site that shows exactly what F&MD looks like on an animal. Please go to the site (You need Acrobat reader to access) and look at the photos. Also gives the general information about it.

The site itself is great, you can enter code words like F&MD, Scrapie, or even Africanized Bees, anything that the USDA site covers, into Mind-it and it will forward to you any information that changes on the site. It will also forward changes to other sites, like, I have it on Mind-it for when they bring in new stock for rescue. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, April 25, 2001


Vicki, Wow! I have been keeping up on articles but have never seen pictures. A must look for anyone interested in FMD. Thanks Vicki for sharing.

-- JoAnn Nehls SD (, April 25, 2001.

Interesting photos! We've just heard of a case of FMD in a human over here in England. It was one of the slaughtermen disposing of cattle carcasses that had been left lying in a farmyard for nearly two weeks.

He chained it's back left leg and front right leg to the bucket of a backhoe and was guiding the animal up and over the steel rails to go into a wagon, when the cow exploded and he got a mouthful of green gunge straight from the cow's bloated stomach. He's in hospital, but he'll be OK. There are two more suspected cases in humans being checked out as well.

I was eating my supper when the news about the exploding cow came on the news. I didn't finish it!

-- Eric J Methven (, April 26, 2001.

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