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Ok I'm a student and I need to find a pic of a Brownie Camera from the 1960's if you can help just list the site in a responce to the message Thanks

-- Jennifer Groves (jlg12344@aol.com), April 25, 2001


You can borrow an image from my page at http://www.fenimores.com/Ned Just click on the Kodak Camera collection link

-- Ned Fenimore (nedfh@home.com), April 25, 2001.

May I have permission too please, Ned?

I am also a student - here in Australia. I am undertaking research on the box brownie camera, and would also like to use one or two of your images if I may? they are nice clear shots, by the way. Jackie

-- Jackie Blanch (jaxbak@tpg.com.au), May 17, 2001.

Response to your request


you are more than welcome to use any of the images you would like to. Thanks for taking a look at my site. I thought that the picures turned out well too. Let me know your success on the project you are working on.

Kind regards,


-- Ned Fenimore (nedfh@home.com), May 17, 2001.

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