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I am considering my first show to sell my photographs. It's an outdoor craft show and I have about 25-30 prints completed and ready for sale. How do I mount and display the photo's for a show? I am considering the Light Impressions precut mueseum mounts and back board then using some linen tape to tape the photo to the inside board. Is this the optimum approach? What do I put over the mounted photo's to protect them (Saran wrap)?

Thanks, John

-- John Welton (, April 25, 2001


If you are going with Light Impressions, they also have clear plastic bags that work very well.

-- Ed Farmer (, April 25, 2001.

Light Impressions has a photo corner, made from paper or plastic. Use a photo corner between the tape and photo. I personally prefer dry mounting.

-- Jeff White (, April 25, 2001.

Dry mounting is definitely more archival. But if you don't wish to dry mount, I believe the mounting corners recommended above are superior to linen tape.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, April 26, 2001.

I don't have much experience with mounting, but from the other side...

I have a lot of experience with upscale artisan shows (I always come home a lot poorer than when I went!), so let me offer my 2 cents from the shopper's standpoint:

Mount the prints in as professional a manner as possible. Set them up on easels so people can have a good look. Have a little card nicely printed up that gives some info on the piece - for instance, when and where it was taken. Sign your work - adds to the concept of value. Be sure to protect the display from the wind in some manner...

Good luck - I'd love to read about how it goes!

-- KL Vance (, April 26, 2001.

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