A new idea

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Just a little idea I've come up with.

The challenge should be this:

There is a lake (river, pond etc) There is an island (or the other side of the river... whatever) The Teams are required to take something (an object), it could be huge or it could be very heavy, or something like this across the river. However, once across the river they would have to take it across the island to the middle.

This could incorporate many different ideas. One team could build a bridge and drive a car/truck across, or could build a car that would make it across the river, or a hovercraft. But they must be able to get the object to the finish point, without carrying it by hand.


It's kind of a multi-possibility idea, with bridges and other stuff.

-- Chris McCann-Aubin (the_mcnob@hotmail.com), April 25, 2001

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