I have never seen Scrapheap other than renamed in Canada

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I love JYW and I realize that it is shown here in Canada as Junkyard Wars. But, is it show as scrapheap challenge? Or is there no difference?

Anyways, I was also wondering, in an american episode recently (obviously it was a rerun) but they built a hovercraft. I was wondering is there a bottom on the skirt? Or does it just hang down, and fill out when its full of air. If there was a bottom, is thier holes cut in it, in order for the skirt to hover off the ground. I am thinking of creating one my self as I live on a lake, and am interested in these kinds of things.

One last question. Will there be new episodes during the summer, or will they just be re-runs.

Thanks a lot. Chris

-- Chris McCann-Aubin (the_mcnob@hotmail.com), April 25, 2001


Scrapheap Challenge is how it is branded in the UK. TLC show both their own episodes (with Cathy and George Gray hosting) and Channel 4's UK version (with Cathy and Robert LLewelyn hosting).

If you are interested in finding out more about hovercrafts, check out the hovercraft junkyard-wars forum.

We are currently filming a whole load more episodes. So there will be a new series out at the end of this year.

-- Andy Bell (andy.bell@rdfmedia.com), April 27, 2001.

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