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Thanks for sending the e-mail, however, we subscribe to Bess Filtering Service here in Santa Rosa County, Florida and cannot access your website. You may find other Webmasters who experience the same problem. Bess doesn't allow students to access many of the ISP's from school because of they way their Search Engines function.  Thanks for the invite and perhaps I'll get the chance to access it from home after my infant falls asleep.

Thanks again!; It sounds like a great idea.

Heather Renfroe
Technology Teacher &
GBHS Web Manager
Gulf Breeze High School

-- Heather Renfroe (, April 25, 2001


Hi! Education Networks of America provides filtering for Tennessee schools. I was able to request a site review to open this site. The approved it so now webmasters in Tennessee can access it.

Thanks, Bill

-- Bill Lavinghousez (, May 10, 2001.

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