Why have they gone quiet?????????

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I have been dealing with the TSB since after Christmas. Jan and Feb. were very active, then on the advice of the good people on this site I served a S.A.R.N. After the allowed 40 days I had gotten no reply to my request for data, so I initiated contact with the D.P.O and during this time I also sent three letters to the Lloyds TSB, which have as of yet had no reply. On questioning them about the lack of data, their reply was that they had sent the data within the 40-day time period but it must be lost in the post. My question at this point is, are these kind of delays and refusal to answer correspondence normal practice? The main points I have raised within my correspondence to the Lloyds TSB so far concern the details surrounding the sale of the property. They have been very polite and very non aggressive to date to the point of not even asking for any form of payment. I find it confusing that they seem to refuse to answer any questions I pose and have made no attempts to negotiate. If any one can offer any suggestions or advice at this point it would be appreciated. Do I push my point any harder or do I wait?

-- wendy (wendy.jane@ntlworld.com), April 24, 2001


The ball is in their court. Wait and see what they do next, but make sure your side of the correspondence is up to date and that you are waiting on them, not the other way around.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), April 24, 2001.

They probably do not think it is in their interests to negotiate in the sense that you (probably) mean it. They will get the most amount of money out of you by frightening you into thinking you will lose a court case. To understand their motivation for acting the way they do you need to read the Repossession section and its Do's and Don't section carefully, particularly:

Why lenders refuse to supply documents http://www.home-repo.org/reposses/refusal.htm

One reader's findings after serving *two* SARNs on Abbey National http://www.home-repo.org/reposses/sarnresponse.htm

How to use "Disclosure/Discovery" to get documents http://www.home-repo.org/reposses/discovery.htm

What to do when lenders won't cooperate http://www.home-repo.org/dos/whatnext.htm

Hope they help.


-- Lee (repossession@bigfoot.com), April 24, 2001.

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