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Locomotive Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad #1830, a former CG GP-7 that has spent the last 25 years on the CIRR, has been moved to Muscogee OK. GA Pacific owns the CIRR and also owns a facility in Muscogee that was being switched with a pair of ALCO's. About a year ago the CIRR acquired 2 former AN SW1500's which rendered the 1830 surplus. It and a former IC GP-10 (CIRR #1) had been used very rarely in the past year. The ALCO's had become unreliable in Muscogee and the call went out to GP's other railroads for surplus locomotives with the result being #1830 heading out to Oklahoma. Talks had been underway with the CIRR as to the possibility of having #1830 donated to a museum or preservation group but had hit a stumbling block and now appear to have fallen through all together. I posted a message on a western railfan board asking for information about #1830 and a request that if it moves to somewhere else, to please let the society know.

As a footnote, 1830 was routed via NS to Memphis for the trip to Oklahoma which put it back on former CofG rails one more time. I'm not sure of the route but it could have been Hilton-Albany-Macon-Columbus-Birmingham/Memphis.

While the possibility of it being donated to a preservation group seems dimmed at this point, at least it survives and hopefully one day we can bring it home.

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, April 24, 2001

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