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As a voluntary repossession with outstanding shortfall, I have decided to come clean after 5 years of unanswered letters, hassling my parents etc. from Eversheds acting on behalf of Birmingham Midshires. I contacted Eversheds and someone told me that they will accept a lump sum payment to wipe off the debt for good. I finally owe over 8,500 (after they took my endownment policy!) I am working abroad for 6 months and when I come back I would like to start again with a new mortgage. Any tips on what to offer?

Thanks Jason

-- (, April 24, 2001


Offer them 20 p in the i.e.1700 in full and final settlement

-- david evans (, May 16, 2001.


Ignore the previous answer and don't correspond with these people; although they haven't identified themselves as such, the email address relates to a finance company which offers consolidation loans, based in Cardiff, Wales.

They are actually acting illegally by providing advice without identifying themselves or their interest. You'll probably find, given that Eversheds debt collection is run from Cardiff, that one or other of the partners in Forest Finance either knows or is related to somebody at Eversheds.

To Forest Finance I say this: Fuck off Boyos before I report you.

-- Debt Consolidation Agency (, May 17, 2001.

Do you dispute the debt? If so, why offer anything? Get the lender's evidence, and don't let them threaten or harass you over a disputed civil debt. Come back to this board as often as you need to. And tell your MP (and mine, Mike Hancock MP, Portsmouth South, who is taking a special interest in all this stuff.)

The 'recommendation' to pay 20p in the seems very generous to Eversheds, if you ask me, given that people who use this site have reported settlements of less than 5% - which in your case would come to around 425 or less.

-- Eleanor Scott (, May 18, 2001.

contact stephen ross as detailed on this site "who helps".it costs if he wins for you, but saves you a hell of a lot of money

-- missie (, June 18, 2001.

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