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OK, here it is. Im 18 and im in high school. im taking studio in photography class and i have to do a 3 page paper. here is the thing we have to do. "Reasearch and compare and contrast reacent and old equiptment used in photography." I was going to do the brownie camera and the digital camera, but i just need some simple information on how the brownie camera work and stuff like that. Can someone help me out?????????? Thanks:)

-- Jillian Hebert (, April 24, 2001


help for begging student.

Hello Jillian, Have you looked at the following site? Lots of info and lovely pictures. Chase the links and you'll find all the info you need. I'm also doing a project on the box brownie, perhaps we can swap pages later. Best of luck..... Jackie

-- jackie Blanch (, May 17, 2001.

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