Purdue Doc pans Rockies with ASD

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We have had a policy of testing all of the horses eyes in our barn for ASD and fully disclosing to and educating our potential customers. The winter we had a customer from New Jersey fall in love with one of our ASD mares. She was looking for a life partner trail horse. From the first moment she saw a picture of the mare she fell in love. During the course of the transaction we sent her all of the mare's papers including the report from Dr. Blair at Purdue. The customer called Dr. Blair to ask questions regarding ASD. During the conversation Dr. Blair told this customer that if she had a choice between an ASD mare and a clear mare, that she should choose the clear mare. He further stated that the ASD mare was not worth as much. My customer was clear that she did not want to breed and was in love with this individual. He talked her out of buying the horse telling her that he thought that she would have problems with her eyes. Dr. Blair did not have any information on the breeding of this horse, it's training, health background etc. We find this alarming! This same Dr. jumped the gun when I brought a little stud colt to him to be tested. When I pulled Wiz out of the trailer Dr. Blair said, "I'm sorry to tell you that you have an ASD horse there." I asked him why he thought that before looking at his eyes and he said because he is chocolate and flaxen. After looking at his eyes he apologized and said I should keep my mouth shut until I know what I'm talking about because the stud colts eyes tested clear visually. I guess he did not learn anything from that experience. Pat (this mormat will not allow me to proofread or spellcheck, please forgive mistakes)

-- pat sage popovich (pat@wisdomranch.com), April 24, 2001

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