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When printing with different gradations on the same print, VC warm-tone papers can show some very unexpected behavior on reducing and toning stages. Ilford emulsions seems to be quite sensitive to both procedures, showing strong split effects after selenium toner. On the other side, Forte cool-tone definitely doesn't accept heavy Farmer activity, while being quite indulgent to toning and contrast variables. Can anyone add some experience and comments? Thanks, in advance.

Cesar B.

-- Cesar Barreto (, April 24, 2001


My experience is that Fotre Polywarmtone produces spectacular splits in selenium, not all of them desirable from the aesthetic point of view. These splits may, for instance, lead to people in the photo appearing to have sickly gray skin tones. On the other hand, with landscapes, the splits can be great to enhance the effect of aerial perspective, particularly when you tone in selenium and gold.

Regards, Thomas Wollstein (

-- Thomas Wollstein (, April 24, 2001.


I have no problems with split-toning when I selenium tone Ilford's Multigrade Warmtone fiber base paper. I dilute the selenium toner 1 part toner plus 3 parts 1% solution of Kodalk. Complete toning takes about 8 to 12 minutes. If the toning is not taken to completion, I can still get a split tone by pulling the print early.

-- Ken Burns (, April 24, 2001.

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