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I happen to look inside the gas tank when topping off the gas with a gas can and I noticed that at the bottom of the tank, directly under the filler cap is a black hose approx 3 inches long. It is connected to the bottom of the tank and rises up.....but is NOT connected to anything aside from the bottom of the tank, its only connected on one side ! Can someone look inside their tank with a flash light and tell me if you have a black hose that is only connected on one side.

-- Joe Pierzynski (, April 23, 2001


have you contacted your dealer to ask them about this?

-- (, April 25, 2001.

Hi Joe, I saw the hose - it is the return of excess fuel from the fuel pump. If you look at it with the engine running youŽll see the gasoline splashing out. Best regards.

-- Heinrich Kuchlbauer Munich (, May 20, 2001.

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