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Are there any types of places where one can go through a spiritual crisis or opening in safety? I hear the process can take up to 6 weeks. A psychiatric hospital would only want to medicate someone during this phase. Any ideas? I know it almost requires one on one time with the person that is going through it and I've heard there are only about three places in the world that deal with this sort of thing.....Any information much appreciated.

Thanks, Elaine

-- Elaine Knecht (eknecht@olatheks.org), April 23, 2001



I just saw your question on the board. Though, it's been a few months since you posted it, I would like to give you a name of a web page you might find helpful if you are still interested. Its the site for the Spiritual Emergence Network. Based out of California, it encompasses resources and referral to Transpersnal counselors and paraprofessionals nationwide to assist with such spiritual crises you are referring to. Here it is: http://www.internetguides.com/se/index.html

Also try: http://www.ciis.edu/comserv/sen.html

I hope these will be helpful on your path. -Brad

-- Brad Behm (BGood_B@hotmail.com), January 01, 2002.

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