Radar Zone broken in Mame32

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I just watched theBSM:s recording of Radar Zone and discovered that the game, and all of its clones, are broken in Mame32 0.37b13. The moving sprites are missing. You can't see your own car, although you can control it and thus play the game. The enemies are gone too, I played for a while without being able to crash into any of them, a task that is not very hard to accomplish under normal circumstances. :)

I suggest we ban Mame32 recordings of Radar Zone until the problem is fixed.

-- Abbe (Albin@518.nu), April 23, 2001


I say just ban recordings in MAME32 0.37b13. No sense in banning it in versions of MAME32 where it works.

-- Kaidi Echitra (peng@demongate.ath.cx), April 23, 2001.

I agree with you. No point in banning working versions. I just found the bug and haven't checked if the game works correctly with older versions of Mame32. If anyone has any info, please post it.


-- Abbe (Albin@518.nu), April 23, 2001.

The fact is that all games made by "century electronics" are broken in mame 32 037b13 (I have tested it in winversion only)

The games I have tested is:

Radarzone Outline Heart attack Hero Cosmos Logger

there are a few more, but I donīt have the roms here right now.

It seems to be some kind of sprite problem. My suggestion is to not allow any recording that uses mame32 037b13 I have no idea about the dos version.

Ex. In heart attack, you can probably go on forever without losing a life:)



-- QRS (qrs@telia.com), April 23, 2001.

Radar Zone and its clones works fine in dos mame 0.37b14 at least. We just have to wait and see what beta14 of Mame32 will bring.


-- Abbe (Albin@518.nu), April 23, 2001.

This one is a no brainer. QRS, if you can think of any other games besides those you mentioned please let pat and me know. I only found offending clones of BSM recorded with 37b13 the others looked clean. nice that mamedev fixed it in 37b14, i'm sure it'll be fixed in the next windows version.

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), April 24, 2001.

I'm beaten here and there but not here this time :) I was just seriously considering defending my title this time, trying to beat few more invisible screens. That would be quite easy without enemies though, what were you thinking BSM?

Gladly now I can keep on concentrating what ever I was concentrating on = I've recently downloaded Atari 2600 emulator and Vectrex emulator, talk about nostalgy! And I never even was a great fan of 2600, more of a Mattel man...

Vectrex really has only couple of good games: Minestorm and Scramble, but Scramble is so hard after 3 rounds(after supertight! tunnel) that it IS unplayable! At Minestorm I used to be good at, but it's funny how I suck at it at the moment, gravely.

Anyone have tried 2600 T&F, Alex? I just scored 79K at it, TG record being 84K. Maybe there's some trick I haven't found out? Sixfingers works at it, but doesn't seem to be much faster compared to other methods. Then there's the issue of Decathlon, best played using 2 fingers :) And I can get only half of Todd Roger's score, looks like he plays two rounds while I'm playing one. Maybe there's some dip- switch setting there. Or a 10K bonus? Who ever decided to put 1500 meters into that game: 3,5 minutes of running, its a spoiler.

Hey, this is wrong board and wrong thread, so better stop now. I really just wanted to say "phew". Wonder if anyone answers or even reads this.

Retro greetings, TJT, 7,47

-- Tommi (tiihoto@hotmail.com), April 24, 2001.

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