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Am I the only one who finds it incredulous that a Mattress Discounters store is about to occupy the highly prominent Kentlands Blvd. roadfront? I mean, didn't we at one time chase out McDonalds because they wanted a simple drive-thru window and send Wal-Mart packing for even thinking of putting their kind of store here? But now we're going to let people drive into the Kentlands retail district and be greeted by a window full of cheap mattresses? What's up with that? (Sorry if I sound like a snob, but it's late and I felt like venting a little...)

-- Kim Skimmons (, April 22, 2001


Kim, I do not believe we have much, if any, say on what particular stores or restaurants move here. But, personally, I was absolutely disappointed to see the Mattress Discounters sign go up on, as you so aptly put it, "the highly prominent Kentlands Blvd. roadfront." I would have felt the same for any warehouse store. On the other hand, I was even more disappointed when the rows of small stores/restaurants that were to have faced Kentlands Blvd. on either side of the entrance to Market Square were deleted from the original Midtown/Lakelands charrette plan (the one presented to the community). I think that, as a community, we really dropped the ball on that one.

-- Mary N. Macdonald (, April 23, 2001.

Kim, I couldn't believe my eyes either. I wonder what O'Donnel's thought about it? Whoever approved that, especially the location, couldn't possibly have been thinking straight. I for one, will never buy a mattress from them out of protest. I did however buy all of my blinds from Next Day Blinds and a vacuum from Oreck. This mattress place is an eye sore.

-- Eric Martinis (, April 25, 2001.

Actually, if they have the product I want, I WOULD buy a mattress from Mattress Discounters. I would rather have more stores nearby that fulfill more of my needs for products I have to purchase on a more routine basis, but I would certainly not penalize any business, or myself, if that wish is not fulfilled.

-- Mary N. Macdonald (, April 25, 2001.

It is a shame that the original Midtown/Kentlands charette plan was changed -- I had no idea. I was still under the impression that restaurants were going in those places. I guess we did blow it on that one. But still, couldn't they have found another type of retail tenant besides a discount store that most people would only shop in once maybe every five years or something? Oh well. What's done is done.

-- Kim Skimmons (, April 25, 2001.

I drove past one of the Mattress Discounter stores that you were grieving about,remebered the name, and decided to check them out. Much to my surprise I found the store to be quite pleasant, along with the sales person that greeted me a few minutes after I entered. He did not attack me with some used car sales attitude, instead I was left to shop after being informed that he was there if I needed his service. I looked around a bit until I found a mattress that I thought was very nice(Sealy's Citation Pillow Top). The sales person told me what I wanted to know about it and then I purchased it, for what I found to be a very good price afterwards. In closing, there not so bad of store to have around.

-- Jason Bourne (, June 15, 2001.

Funny you should mention high-pressure sales tactics. My husband and I were recently in one of the mattress stores that specializes in beds for the back. We were followed around by a salesperson and barraged with a nonstop sales pitch. When we were good and frazzled--20, or maybe 200, minutes later--the salesman tried (REAL hard) to convince us to take home a mattress and adjustable frame right then. He said we could look for another week and still would not be any surer what we wanted, and, besides, we could always return the mattress, if it didn't work out. Of course, the adjustable frame (which was quite costly) was another matter. That, we would have to keep.

It's good to know that Mattress Discounters gives you space to make up your own mind on such an important purchase. Also, my Dad bought a mattress from one of their stores several years ago and has been very happy with it. We will probably check them out.

-- Mary N. Macdonald (, June 15, 2001.

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