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I was told that my great-grandfather, Roy Fahnestock, was an engineer for the Southern Railroad in the 1920's to 50's I believe, before his death in 1958, in the Linville-Harrisonburg Va. area. Does anyone have any information about him/his career/what steam engine he drove? This would be a big help to me. I always have been fascinated by him since I was a little kid even though I never knew him, and would like to know any info about him. Also there is an old part of the depo/post office at Linville still standing and is in good condition but is abandoned if anyone wanted to know.

-- John Colonel (, April 22, 2001


Talk with Preston Fahnestock in Richmond virginia. Full career locomotive engineer with Southern on that same division, retiring in the 80's I worked with him a bit up in the valley. He ran Strasburg to Harrisonburg on the local just about up to retirement. Saw him a few months back at the reunion in Amherst. Think he's in the phone book. Preston E. Fahnestock.

-- laird ramsay (, August 10, 2003.

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