who do you recommend to help me as i'm running out of time

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i am going through rather a rough time at present & have a sick child with whom i am awaiting an appointment with a consultant. i have received numerous shortfall letters but have ignored them as i have not felt strong enough to fight back, i have heard nothing from lender & then over the weekend got a letter from their solicitor/legal department stating that if i do not reply within 7 days to discharge the full amount then legal proceedings will be put into place. if i do not comply with this then a monetary judgement will be made against me what is this? they also state that they will add extra money on top of the debt which is already 14k if i do not pay this full amount within 7 days i do not have this sort of money. they are also threatening me with an aoe & they know who i work for. they are also threatening to make me bankrupt. i have looked at your who helps section but really do not know who to go for & who to trust as i used one company assoc of mort borrowers 2 years ago & was advised it had been sorted & i paid them a fee but now this has happened. could you please reply to me quickly as obviously 7 days is not long. help.......... i'm desperate

-- charlotte attwell (tomchar@freeserve.com), April 22, 2001


One place that seems to be respected on this site is the National Association of Mortgage Victims NAMV@ukf.net 01889 507394 They are currenly helping me with a shorfall claimed by B'ham Midshires so I suggest giving them a call to see what advice they can give.

-- Scott Jordan (chamber101@yahoo.com), April 24, 2001.


Sounds pretty rough at the moment, but you need to hang in there.

I wanted to pick-up on the Assoc. Mort Borrowers you referred to, especially as you said you thought things were settled. What did you have in writing from them? What sort of fee did you pay? I only ask because I'd heard of them previously, although i didn't use them, and I thought they were a charity.

In the very least it is possibly worth getting back in touch with them - they know your case after all - and querying what is happening.

It would also help us all who frequent the site if you could indicate your lender and the name of their solicitors. You're welcome to email this privately if you like.

A final piece of advice that you can use would be to write to them (without prejudice!!!) acknowledging their letters, explaining that you have a family situation ongoing (go into detail, it looks better), and that you will be in touch once said situation is resolved.

bye for now

-- Andy Turner (andy.turner@ramesys.com), April 30, 2001.

Contact me on the E Mail and I will help you.

-- Gerald (Gforestfin@aol.com), May 16, 2001.


Ignore the last answer and don't correspond with these people; although they haven't identified themselves as such, the email address relates to a finance company which offers consolidation loans, based in Cardiff, Wales.

They are actually acting illegally by providing advice without identifying themselves or their interest. They absolutely would help you - by getting you deeper into debt and charging you for the privilege. It's nice to know we live in a society that condones this sort of behaviour. But obviously, people like this are too modest to identify themselves... so here is their full registered address

Forest Finance 16 Forest Oak Close Cardiff South Glamorgan CF23 6QN

I just hope nothing untoward happens to them. I don't condone violence to property or person, nor preying on the vulnerable. To Forest Finance I say this: Fuck off Boyos before I report you.

-- Doh... (robbing_welsh_bastards@gotcha.com), May 17, 2001.


Can you identify the lender and its agent/legal firm? People who read this board have varied experiences of different lenders (such as their willingness to negotiate/get tough/bluff/'lose' documentation/etc), so it would be helpful.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), May 20, 2001.

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