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A reporter was assigned to report on some golden pay phones which had apprered in the USA. The reporter began to look for the golden phones. Almost immediately, he found a golden phone but under the phone was a sign, talk directly to God, $100,000 per minute. The reporter asked a local resident why it was so important. He was told that surely it would be worth $100,000 to talk directly to God for a minute. Well, the reporter did not have the money. The reporter went from town to town, state to state. After many, many years of searching, the reporter was discouraged and ready to quit. Finally, he wearly drug himself past a sign which said, "Welcome To Texas." Suddenly, he saw a golden phone which said,"Talk directly to God", 25 cents. The stunned reporter asked a local resident, "Wow! why is it 25 cents to use the golden phone here and $100,000 for a minute everywhere else? Well, drawled the local resident,here, it's a local call. (Note: I am a Christian and this is not my theology or anything. It's just a joke. Eagle

-- eagle (eagle@alpha1.net), April 22, 2001


Hehehe had to have been a texan that came up with that one. A favorite saying in 'Son don't ask a man if he is from Texas. If he is you will know it and if he isn't we don't want to embarass him.'

-- Amanda from Tx (aseley@townsqr.com), April 22, 2001.

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