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Can the school calendar problem be solved?

The problem: Literally dozens of school folks maintain and distribute calendars. It is impossible to have a complete up-to-date calendar especially on paper. It is very difficult for teachers, administrators, parents, and students to collaborate on event schedules.

The School Calendar RFP

1. A single on-line method for maintaining a school calendar for all school related events. Not restricted to intranet use.

2. For calendar readers - no sign-up, no registration, no SPAM. A reader could sign-up to be notified of changes.

3. Limited number of calendar editors - those authorized to update the calendar.

4. Straightforward method for editors to update the calendars.

5. Ability to print a calendar from the web to any normal printer so that it looks like an ordinary calendar or "daytimer" type listing.

6. Ability for readers or editors to view and print specialized calendars. For example, "Please show me the football schedule," or "I want to update the debate schedule," or "Show me April."

7. Ability for readers to ask questions like, "What are the deadlines for signing up for the SAT?"

8. Provided by and hosted by an ASP for free or nearly free and the ability to cross firewalls.

9. Very simple to manage, update, and use.

10. Able to overcome resistance by the web-shy.

11. Able to manage conflicts. For example, what if two events are scheduled at the same place and same time?

-- Terry Kearns (, April 20, 2001

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