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I am trying to find information on the C&WC to build a layout circa. early 1950's late 1940's of the Greenville,S.C. to Lauren, S.C. and I need color schemes of C&WC's early diesel power and if possible, what steam was run on this section. I was a young boy of 8 or 20 during this time and my memory of these engines has faded. Thanks.

-- Charles F. Wrenn (, April 20, 2001


During the steam era, the Laurens-Greenville mixed train would have been pulled by a 2-8-0 from either the L,L-1,or L-2 classes. At Greenville a turntable was used to turn the locomotive. At Laurens I believe the locomotive turned on a wye, though I could be wrong.

In Laurens, the "heavier" C&WC power like the Class S Russian 2-10- 0s, ex-ACL Ms/M-2 2-8-2s,ex-CRR 2-8-2s, and 2-8-0s of the L, L-1, L- 2, and L-3 classes could be seen. I pretty sure the larger engines were mainly used between Spartanburg-McCormick-Augusta.

The CN&L also interchanged with the C&WC at Laurens so you could include some of their motive power as well. Ex-FEC 4-6-2s and 2-8-0s. The diesel guys can fill you in on CN&L diesels.

There's not much in the way of available steam models yet. Bachmann will be releasing its 2-10-0 in the future which will at least give you one representative of C&WC steam. Modelling Laurens would be fun with its concrete coaling tower, towered depot, and freight station. Other than the line between Yemassee and Port Royal, this is one of my favorite sections of the C&WC. The folks at the Great Escape in G'ville should be able to put you in touch with a local source of photos, etc. Good luck and have fun.

-- Buddy Hill (, April 20, 2001.

There also is substantial coverage of C&WC diesels in Warren Calloway's book on ACL diesels. Lots of photos. The C&WC paint scheme followed the ACL but without the heralds.

-- Sandy Bridges (, April 20, 2001.

The ACL & SAL HS catalog carries an excellent book on the C&WC by Al Langley that should answer all your questions. In addition, our 2000 calendar, also available in the catalog, includes a color photo of C&WC diesels at the Spartanburg yard. C&WC diesel painting followed ACL practice, that is, they were delivered in aluminum and purple and were later (starting in the late 50s) repainted into the black scheme.

-- Larry Goolsby (, April 20, 2001.

Do not consider this a historical nor accurate answer. There were two C&WC, GP's that turned up on the Tampa District, about 1961 or 1962. They stood out in their traditional ACL purple paint. Folks referred to them as the "Easter Egg" engines, since all other motive power had been painted into the "Tom Rice, Black and Yellow".

Even then, forty years ago, one still longed to see the old ACL Purple. Alas, without the society, and this forum my memory would be even dimmer.

-- Curtis E. Denmark Jr. (, April 20, 2001.

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