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I recently heard that there were several break-ins around the area: the Exxon station, Hunters, the empty Upton's building. Supposedly, property was stolen from each place. I haven't read anything in the Town Crier. Anyone know if it's true?

Also, I heard there's a rash of automobile tire thefts going on. Luxury cars mainly. Theives come at night and leave the cars up on blocks. Security systems don't seem to matter.

-- Kim Skimmons (, April 19, 2001


Found one break-in from last weeks gazette (7/25). They don't have archives on police reports in the gazette but if you contacted gaithersburg police (Don Pike) or Montgomery County Police they could send you the summary of break-ins for 2001. If you are able to get such a list please post it or email it to me as I would be interested in seeing it.

Residential burglaries

*300 block of Kent Oaks Way in Gaithersburg, on July 13. Pried frame on rear door, nothing taken.

Best regards

-- Austin Decker (, July 26, 2001.

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