NY - Safe landing for airplane diverted to Stewart

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April 17, 2001

Fifty passengers aboard a Midway Airlines flight from Raleigh-Durham to LaGuardia had a little scare yesterday. Landing gear cockpit indicator lights did not go on, resulting in the crew diverting to Newburgh's Stewart Airport because of its 12,000-foot runway.

Stewart General Manager for Airport Operations Eldad Ben-Dor said the plane landed safely. He said there was a concern in the cockpit that the landing gear was not down properly. However, when the plane did land at Stewart, he said the gear was down and the plane touched down.

The Air National Guard Fire Department, which handles crash, fire and rescue operations at Stewart, activated the mutual aid response, rolling fire trucks from several area volunteer departments.

The passengers aboard the Midway flight were later bused to LaGuardia.


-- Doris (nocents@bellsouth.net), April 19, 2001


Stewart Airport is the old Stewart Air Force base.

-- K. (infosurf@yahoo.com), April 20, 2001.

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