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LOS ANGELES An American Airlines jet bound for Dallas landed safely at Los Angeles International Airport early Monday after its pilot reported low oil pressure in one of the aircraft's two engines.

The MD-80 passenger jet, with 125 passengers and six crew members aboard, landed about 7:45 a.m.

"It is safe. There were no injuries, the plane landed safely," airport spokeswoman Gail Gaddi said.

Shortly after flight No. 1816 took off from Long Beach Airport at 7 a.m., the pilot reported low oil pressure in the jet's left-hand engine, said American Airlines spokesman John Hotard. It was unknown if the problem was with the engine or the cockpit indicator.

The pilot circled over the Pacific Ocean to burn off fuel to reduce the jet's weight before landing in Los Angeles.

"I understand he did not declare an emergency," Hotard said.

The passengers were expected to continue on to Dallas later in the day.

Long Beach is 27 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

-- Doris (, April 19, 2001

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