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okay. here is a stupid question. we have lived on our farm for 7 years now. every year as soon as the snow goes, or starts going and it hits about 50 degrees the yard seems to be loaded with flies. where do they come from and how do i get rid of them? they drive me nuts with their buzzing. you can't even sit outside and enjoy the warm weather! this weeked my husband made 3 new benches to put around the yard and garden (when the snow finally goes). i put them up next to the house because that is the only bare ground we have at the moment and i sat down out there sipping my homemade wine and watching the chicken cook on the grill (ain't country life grand :-))while the flies buzzed all around -- banging into me and getting in my glass. any ideas?


-- Mary R. (cntryfolk@ime.net), April 18, 2001


I would suggest that you atract them to another place where thay can not bother you. You couls make a mixture of orange juice and other sweet fruits and juices (mango works the best) and put them somewhere not to far away, and if you want you can spray bug killer on them when they are gathered together. Hope this helps

-- Steve Hill (ukph@edsamail.com.ph), April 18, 2001.

We have them now ! I do use fly blocks for the cows .I put up the fly traps that you put water in and there stinky mix with it .Fly tape in the house .I'm affraid they are just a part of country life.

-- Patty {NY State} (fodfarms@slic.com), April 19, 2001.

FLYS - ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!! I know exactly what you mean Mary!! The best remedy is to get use to it. Slowly I am learning to just get over it and live with the damn buggers!

-- kelly (kellytree@hotmail.com), April 20, 2001.

I think that they hibernate under siding and come out when it's warm. They are so slow and stupid when the weather starts getting nice, that's probably why they hit into you.

-- Dee (gdgtur@goes.com), April 20, 2001.

This has seemed to work Extremely well around our fly gathering rabbits (two summers ago I killed 450 flies in an afternoon with a flyswatter, each flypaper strip had 500-1000 flies on it... it was GROSS! I bought a bag of lime and spread it out under the pens, hoisted up the flypaper and waited. Only 7 flies on the paper after 3 days. They seem to flock to where manure is close at hand and shade is available. Try speading some lime around when its dry, and see if it helps.

-- Kevin in NC (Vantravlrs@aol.com), April 21, 2001.

We have ducks & Geese & chickens & we have no flys they eat them all!!!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (sgbruce@birch.net), April 22, 2001.

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