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Ha anyone had problems with scorpions? I found something called CedarSafe and it is tiny granuales that you can spread like insecticides. I do not want to use anything toxic. Thanks, Dee.

-- Dee (, April 18, 2001


We have them, but they are not in large enough numbers to be a problem. Have you thought about trying DE(Diatomaceous Earth)? Even though scorpions aren't insects I would think it would work. LaDena

-- LaDena Johnson (, April 18, 2001.

Where did you find the cedarsafe. I have been looking for a product called cedarcide granuales which is supposed to be derived from the resin of the juniper; sounds like the same product. So far I have been unable to find it. It is supposed to be an excellent repellant. As for the scorpions - we killed only about 8 or 9 all of last year. So far, we have killed 5 this month. Eric

-- Eric(Tx) (, April 18, 2001.

Dee, If you try DE as LaDena suggested, I would be interested in the results (whether it works or not). Thanks in advance. Eagle (

-- eagle (, April 19, 2001.

I'm a dedicated food grade Diatomaceous Earth user! -LOL- Before I started feeding the dogs and livestock DE, the dogs got fleas. First time in my life I had ever seen them, didn't know what they were, and had to ask the vet. Some folks dust the dogs, but I dusted my carpeting with the DE. When I woke up the next morning, the dogs weren't scratching, there was loads of dead little dots on the floor (the fleas), and quite a few other dead insects I didn't know I was sharing my house with! Yep, a few scorpians, some quite large. I left the DE on the carpet for a couple of days to make sure all the fleas were gone, and then vacuumed it up. Any insect that crawls thru food/agricultural grade DE will be killed. What's great about this stuff, is that if a baby gets a mouthfull, it won't hurt 'em.

FILTER grade DE is heated/treated for swimming pools. It won't kill insects, but could kill your critters.

-- ~Rogo (, April 19, 2001.

I'm not quite sure how to get rid of them... Used to have one as a sort of pet.

If you use something poisonous you could be in for a lot of surprises. Scorpions only one or two crickets at a time, and only about once a month. They don't generally eat dead crickets, either. It would be pretty hard to keep other animals and birds (not to mention young children) out of the area you put the poisons.

You might want to call a nearby zoo. Usually they keep scorpions, and might be able to help you out.

-- Sue Diederich (, April 19, 2001.

We keep sticky traps at several locations in our basement along the walls and catch any scorpions or other bugs. They are non-toxic but I guess pets or children could get into them and be a mess. I buy them in Sav-A-Lot Store.

-- Rita in TN (felfoot, April 19, 2001.

Howdy from the SW. I had a scorpion problem when I lived in Dripping Springs, TX in a limestone house. They loved that place! Two summers there, and I was lucky. The score was Debra: 50, Scorpions: 0. I'm usually pretty "live and let live", but these little guys pack a punch! If you've never been stung, it feels like someone holding a cigarette to your skin. They love to drop down from the ceiling or hide in your covers or shoes. And, don't leave your pants on the floor of the bathroom without a good shaking in the morning! Even the cats knew enough not to eat them, they'd just watch. And when you see one, there's usually another one lurking somewhere. I've been stung twice. Both times on my right foot, and both times I was numb to my fingertips for 24 hours... and I'm not usually allergic to anything. I can't imagine what a serious reaction to this sting would be! I don't buy pesticides and didn't want a service to come out. Since scorpions are on the move all the time and don't nest, they would have had to just ring the house with diazanon or something seriously life-threatening to everything on the property. It would work for a month or so, but you'd have to do it again. I had good luck killing them with Johnson's Flea and Tick spray (the only thing I had at the time)... seems to get them in their nervous system and they would start stinging themselves. Not pretty. (Gee, what was I doing to my cats with that stuff??) I really like that DE idea. Wish I had known about it then! I live in a cooler part of the country now, although still semi-desert, but if we have scorpions here at 7,000 feet, they don't show themselves. Good luck to you. Been there! dh in nm

ps just had a glitch on my computer; if this is posted twice, sorry! dh

-- debra in nm (, April 20, 2001.

rogo, what is de? where can you buy it? thanks so

-- shirley osborne (, April 22, 2001.

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