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the first two calves of our season this year were still born with their navels missing. there was only a hole and the life cord passing through it. Both calves were bull calves and other wise appeared normal. Could you give any insight to what may be the problem? There were only the two,no other navel problems, and both calves were from cows that normally have very nice calves. i appeciate any info. thanx!

-- paul hoeppner (, April 18, 2001


hmmm...I am surenot a cow expert, but the navel is from the cord... (like when you were born-there was no navel until the cord dried off and healed over. then you had a navel)

But are you describing maybe some sort of hernia? Usually in the birht process(in humans, sheep and goats and dogs) after the birth, some changes occur and the vessels in the cord close off and the there is no longer any opening-within a few hours (though immediately after birth the opening can be held open if a medical need arises-in humans and I am sure with other mammals too.)

Since these calves died in utero, then I would imagine that the physiological processes that happen at birth, (the vessels closing) would not happen after all. Otherwise maybe it is some kind of hernia.

Do you know why the calves were born early? The recommendation I always see when there is unexplained stillbirthor abortion is to have a post mortem done. I would consider it.

I am sure someone here has some sort of better idea on this-I am sorry that your season is starting off on a sad note.


-- Sarah (, April 18, 2001.

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