Otis VIP 260 door problem

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I have a particular VIP 260, which will run perfectly for an hour or so, then, on the main landing, which happens to be the ground floor, the lift will sit there with the doors open, with the car indicator flashing. It will not do this fault all the time, and when it does, it only does it on the ground floor. I have checked the contacts in the D1R and D2R circuit, the DOL circuit, and the NT circuit. I have cleaned the contacts in ML, MLX and MLY, but the drawings I have for this job are quite poor. And, it the lift is switched to fire service then back to normal, the lift runs perfectly for another hour before failing again.....any ideas ??

-- Justin Ward (Transistive@planetacces.com), April 18, 2001


GOT a stuck call relay? not cancelling call..

-- JAG (gipper67@yahoo.com), April 24, 2001.

Does the job have smoke detectors ? Might be that it is going on phase 1 .Just for sake of it, turn the keyswitch to bypass while you sipping some coffie for that hour see if it happens.

-- rg (the4gals@home.com), April 30, 2001.

Found the problem....intermittent open circuit in the travelling cable for the light rays/ door fender......very intermittent....

-- Justin Ward (Transistive@planetaccess.com), May 07, 2001.

sgr.....doh !

-- harry trupote (kwsmc60@yahoo.com), June 18, 2003.

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