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It appears that my Rollei 6003 is making pressure fog/marks on Ilford's new version of Delta 400 120.

There's slight overall light mottled density over the entire roll of film with a roughly one-inch-wide strip of more density down the middle. A light leak is highly unlikely. I developed an unexposed roll (never put into any camera) that confirms that the fog occurs in the camera.

The fogging doesn't occur with any other film, including the three other Delta films, HP5+, TP, assorted C-41 films etc.

This leads me to believe that new Delta 400 may be inordinately sensitive to pressure from rollers, guides etc. If that's so, it'd be a real surprise.

I'll be sending the test films along to Ilford.

If anyone film Ilford is present, I'd appreciate any advice of further tests or a solution; also, if anyone is familiar enough with this camera to know if there are any adjustments please chime in.

-- John Hicks (, April 17, 2001


I have had similar results with a Bronica SQA. I thought I had screwed up but the problem sounds 'similar' to yours. I had no such problems using Fuji 400 in 120. As I am out of Delta 400 120 I will wait for further responses before purchasing it again.

-- Melvin (, October 26, 2001.

I've run a few rolls of the new Delta 400 through a hassie back and haven't seen any problems.

-- Gene Crumpler (, October 29, 2001.

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