old fashioned single cup drip cone

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I would like to purchase an old fashioned single cup drip cone. Just the cone, nothing else. Remember those? Before everyone had multiple models, sizes and varieties of electric makers? I'm simple. I have hot water from the water cooler at work and my favorite cup. I don't want to use an electric pot. The problem is I can't find one in any local stores! Even my mother doesn't know what happened to her old one. :) Help!

-- Gabrielle Hunter (ghunter@rochester.rr.com), April 17, 2001


I have two ... one I got at Walmart, that has a built in filter, and one that holds a paper filter (which is the one I prefer, actually...). I found the cone shaped one at the grocery store, beside the Melitta filters. :)

-- Lonna Cunningham (frazzlehead@hotmail.com), May 03, 2003.

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