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Guys--for some time now The Trainmaster of Montgomery (AL) hobby shop ahs been selling art prints painted by Robert Karsten. They currently have an ACL and FEC passenger train print and a beautiful CofG one titled "Georgia Thoroughbreds". This print shows 2 CofG pasenger trains stopped at a station one pulled by an E7 and the other by a GP7. Both are in the classic blue and grey scheme. I recently received an email from them stating they are going to do another run of the sold out print "ALCOs on the Central", showing 3 RS3s passing another train dragging a CofG caboose. These are great prints for only $30 including shipping. I've seen the original painting of "Georgia Thoroughbreds" hanging in Marvin Black's house and the print is every bit as pretty. You can view these prints online at . Enjoy--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, April 17, 2001


Concerning the paintings of Robert Karsten, I was very priveleged to serve as consultant on most of his commissioned works for Trainmaster. ALCOS ON THE CENTRAL was the first, followed by GEORGIA THOROUGHBREDS and later, the ACL print. Robert was very concerned about the details that went into creating the right atmosphere for the Georgian landscape, so much time and correspondence was spent discussing details such as the water in the ditch (it must be BLACK for south Georgia), the distant thunderclouds (always present during the hot months), and the cat-tails, maypops and dragonflies. Ah, the dragonflies! Robert was particularly amused with my insistence of including dragonflies in any outdoor summer scene of Georgia. On the ALCOS painting, you'll easily find one perched near the foreground on the painting. Robert decided right then to use the dragonfly as his "trademark" on all subsequent railroad paintings. Like an Alfred Hitchcock cameo, this little bug reappeared in every work... even in the snowy ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL ... I'll leave it to you to find him!

-- Tom Alderman (, September 06, 2001.

i was lucky enough to purchase both of these lithographs when they wer offered for the first run.. i would highly recommend and avid central of georgia lover to purchase them.. , they are beautiful... as a side note. in the print "georgia thoroughbreds" look at the coaling tower and see if you can see a "ghost" like shape formed by the coal chutes..

-- glenn kermit marsh (, September 06, 2001.

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