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Can anyone out there answer this?

When do experian and equifax remove ccj's from your credit file. Or am I doomed to have it till I die.

Here is the situation.

CCJ dated Jan 97. Paid off Nov 97. Obtained satifisfaction certificate in July 99.

When does the six year rule start. I have read else where that If I had not paid off the ccj and just left it. Then jan 97 to jan 2003, ccj would be on my file then feb 2003 it would be removed, even if the debt still stood?

However since I have paid it off it and then after realising that you need to apply for the certificate of satisfaction had the debt satisfied in 99, means the six year rul applies from july 99?

A bit unfair really don't you think.

The amount in question was not much but at the time I was out of work, and not as clued up as I am now.

By having a ccj shuts more doors to me in the real world than if I was a criminal!!!!

Any answers or links to a good ccj discussion group would be greatly appreciated.

PS. No replys from companies claiming to remove ccj's please. Your just conmen/women.


-- Justin Mallinson (, April 17, 2001


6 year rule starts from the date of the judgment - what happens is that the County Court sends a return in, on that is listed the name and address, the court case number and the amount of judgment and the date the judgment pronounced.

Don't go to those companies claiming to remove judgments - they wil charge you a lot to do something you can do yourself - you can apply to the court to have the judgment set aside on the grounds that you did not receive the summons because............whatever. Fee 20 Apply to the original court that entered the judgment

-- David Button (, April 18, 2001.

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