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I just got the GL-1 and want to set it up with better audio. I'm just starting with all this and need advice. I will be interviewing people in noisy rooms and I don't want to deal with clipping a mic to someone. I have heard a shotgun mic with a beachtek box is a good start. Any recommendations for a mic? Is the beachtek box necessary, any info on its function? Has anyone used the Sennheiser 300MC mic? P.S. I'm looking to spend under $300 for the whole deal. Thanks alot for any advice

-- Tim Mapp (, April 17, 2001


This is from an email from Beachtek, regarding their XLR adapters. Hope you find it useful:

Thank you for contacting us regarding the DXA-4P adapter for the Canon GL1. The GL1 is a very popular camcorder and our customers seem to be delighted with it, so I think you are making a wise choice.

The GL1, like most other camcorders, does not give you the ability to disable the AGC. However, you will still be able to adjust the recording level using the controls on our adapter. Also, the AGC in this camera is superb - it does not have any of the problems associated with most other AGC circuits. I will send you a separate email about how well the adapter works with the AGC.

Yes, you can mount the adapter to any standard tripod and no, the controls do not interfere with the operator. The DXA-4P is designed to be perfectly balanced on the GL1.

Many people are concerned about the AGC on the Canon GL1. I think you will find that it is much superior to other camcorders. The background noises usually increase during silent periods but somehow Canon has overcome this problem.

There is an excellent revue the GL1 in the Feb issue of DV Magazine;

We tested audio response by connecting a shotgun mic to a BeachTek XLR adapter box and turning the pots all the way up. We recorded some close-to-mouth microphone placements with high volume vocals to try and distort the audio, The audio response was surprisingly good. The only distortion was when the subject was shouting directly into the shotgun at near-mouth range. There wasn't any noticeable clipping or the wide range of attenuation you find with some of the lesser microphones.

and from the Feb issue of Videomaker;

Although the GL1 doesn't have manual audio level control, we hardly noticed. It captured sound superbly....we were pleased with how well the auto gain adjusted itself, without jarring jumps or drops in levels.

and also RES Magazine Volume 2, Number 4;

...the GL1 actually sounds great, with an automatic gain control that reveals very little breathing during quiet moments where other cameras would be boosting the gain to look for signal. You should also check out for their Mini-Rover. It is a well made device to let you mount a shot gun mic to any small camcorder

-- M.Cox (, June 20, 2001.

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