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Hi. My name is Webly and I am an architecture student at the University of Oregon. We are currently designing a Boathouse as a studio project. We have a program of what we are "supposed" to have in the design, however, I am trying to get more feed back from different people all over. SO my question to you is, what would be your dream boathouse? What would you want in terms of space for working on boats, manuvering boat to the water, what is a good distance. What kind of view platforms would you want, indoor, outdoor? What would your dream work out room contain? a living space? coach offices? etc. Anyway, I know that's a lot to answer but if you felt like answering it, it would help me. Just email me back with your dreams. Thanks! Webly

-- Webly M. Disaster Bucket (, April 17, 2001

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