S.C.L. City of Miami smooth sided coaches

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I am seeking information on the smooth sided 54-seat P.S. coaches that were originally owned by the A.C.L. and F.E.C. (later by S.A.L.) and on to S.C.L. Under S.C.L. and Amtrak they carried (I believe) numbers 5469, 5472, 5473 and 5478... does anyone know when they were retired from Amtrak service? Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!!

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (jmlaboda@yahoo.com), April 16, 2001


From Amtrak Car Spotter Third Edition (Wayner 1976): Amtrak 5469- SCL 5469- ACL 247 (PS 1949-50); Amtrak 5472- SCL 5472- SAL 6268- FEC San Sebastian (PS 1949); Amtrak 5473- SCL 5473- SAL 6269- FEC Lantana (PS 1949); Amtrak 5478- SCL 5478- ACL 248 (PS and ACL shops 1955)

Amtrak adopted SCL's numbering system for coaches- the first two digits indicated number of seats. Thus many SCL coaches kept their numbers under Amtrak

-- Larry Brennan (lpbrennan@aol.com), April 22, 2001.

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