IF YOU can identify this rooster, what breed it is, we'd sure be grateful! we received 3 of them w/ a stromberg order. i think it's black sexlink. please help! thanks!

or go to:

-- jeannie (, April 16, 2001


i should clarify that we ordered bourbon red turkey chicks and received 3 of these along w/the turkey chicks. we have no idea what breed they are! thanks for any/all help.

-- jeannie (, April 16, 2001.

Don't know if it's pure or a mix, but here's an url to the sex links. If nothing matches, you can plow thru the rest of the alphabet!

-- ~Rogo (, April 16, 2001.

Looks like a Jungle Fowl or a Partridge Rock...possibly Old English. Why don't you e-mail Stromberg's with the picture as an attachment and ask them? Enjoy your life.

-- Deborah (, April 16, 2001.

From what I can tell its a black breasted old english game rooster. Does not look like any of our sex-links. Does he have a rose comb or is it straight? Game roosters have straight combs. Hope this helps.

-- jd-tx (, April 16, 2001.

If it is a full sized email it looks quite like a Danish Brown Leghorn.

-- no comment (, April 16, 2001.

hi we had a rooster that looked just like him. we were told it was a banty rooster. cindy

-- cindy young (, April 17, 2001.

Jeannie, I have some OEBBGs. Old English Black Breasted Reds (Game Bantams) that look like him. Eagle

-- eagle (, April 18, 2001.

We have a couple just like him, Old English game hens, and yes, they are banties. Banties are just chickens that were bred to be small. Mary

-- Mary Fraley (, April 20, 2001.

This guy looks like the Chinese roosters I saw at the Alameda County fair in Pleasanton, California in the Fur and Feathers Pavillion. eileen

-- Eileen Carman (, April 22, 2001.

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