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You guys who have used New Delta 400; have you seen any sensitivity to pressure marks or fogging, especially the 120 film?

I've developed a couple of rolls of grey-disc test shots and have gotten what appears to be faint sorta-mottled fog, especially in a one-inch wide strip down the middle. This isn't fog from light leaks.

The camera was a Rollei 6003, which hasn't done such a thing to any other film. Of course the next step will be to develop an unexposed roll and see if it's fogged too.

My results, working around the fog, indicate that Ilford's recommended 14'/68F for D-76/ID-11 1:1 is a good starting point. I got EI 320; if the new film has reduced red sensitivity like the old Delta 400, that I exposed the test film by tungsten light is probably the cause of that.

-- John Hicks (, April 16, 2001

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