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Many music books have bindings that scarcely let the pages stay open, much less lie flat when placed on a music desk. Does anyone have any ideas for dealing with these infuriating publications?

-- Ted Lesher (, April 15, 2001


Yes, take them to KINKO's. They will put the plastic wire binding on them for around $3. Get the kind that is like a spiral notebook. I'm sure other office type places have something similar, but the stuff like a spiral notebook is best, the other kind sort of sticks but is still better than regular binding. I think Office Max does it and places that make copies. It is so worth the money!!!

-- Mary Jo (, April 15, 2001.

Does anyone know of companies in the UK that offer this? I'm in Newcastle upon Tyne.

-- Gary Anderson (, July 23, 2001.

Gary -- do you have a Prontaprint in your area? They might do it, or know someone who does. I found one in Burton-upon-Trent.

-- Lee (, November 01, 2001.

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