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Hammond Suddards have refused to give me information requested - see previous notes. I have not, so far, told them I dispute their claim, nor have I admitted it. Do I tell them I dispute it and if so, how much do I say? Sorry to be a bit ignorant of what to do, but the whole situation scares me and I want to be sure I do the right things at the right times. If they say "we have sufficient informationto substantiate the debt before the courts" surely they should have possession of some of the information I have requested? Thanks for any help/suggestions offered.

-- Amanda Watkin (, April 14, 2001


I would write to them explaing that you require proof that the debt is due. Explain that all dialouge will be carried out by letter from now on. The onus is on them to justifie this debt not you to just admit it. When they say "we have sufficient information to substantiate the debt before the courts" remind them of their obligation under the CPR 31.16 to facilitate a settlement before the case comes to court. Hope this helps

Jon S

-- Jon S (, April 19, 2001.

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