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I'm planning a trip up to the Panama City FL area next month. This is old Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Line territory. Is there anything rail-related in the general area worth finding? Thanks for any info.

-- Bob Venditti (, April 14, 2001


A correction on the previous suggestion. Chattahoochee Industrial is at Saffold, GA, not Chattahoochee, FL, but the latter spot may yield CSX activity in the morning. Tallahassee isn't woth the effort (L live there). E-mail me if you need directions to Chattahoochee yards.

-- Riley Kinney (, April 16, 2001.

Hi, Bob. As you know I just moved up here to Lexington, KY from Destin, FL..just next door to Panama City. RR ask a lot, sir. The Bay Line is sort of shut down / on a part time schedule. However, you can visit the yards, etc. Go to the city park where the nice locomotive is on display (diesel, but nice). There are NO hobby shops. Go east to the Appalachicola Northern at Port St. Joe....also kind of 'zzzz' since the paper industry is way way down.

Drive up to Chattahoochie and go see the Chatt. might even get a cab ride. There's a Marianna & Blountstown steamer on display at Blountstown. Of course, you can always go to Tallahassee.

The pickins are slim....


-- Buck Dean (, April 16, 2001.

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