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I've burn a few copies of vcd using adaptec by copying files from the vcd to the harddrive and transfering the files to adaptec as image for burining with yamaha cd burner on cdr.

The problem is that I can only play it on my cd-rome but not on my video cd player.Can anyone help me out?

The other thing is that I can't seem to get the mpg files when I browse through the vcd files on my computer.I only get the avseq.dat files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Kenny Yap Chou Ping (, April 14, 2001


First you don't create legitimate VCDs that way. VCDs are special types of CD-ROMs that require unique creation processes that's why THERE ARE VCD-creation choices in Easy CD, Nero, etc. separate and apart from CD-ROM ISO9660, etc. You should be using Easy CD Deluxe because Standard doesn't have VCD creation. If you're only copying VCDs why do you have to drag files?? Any cd copying app CAN copy VCDs CD-to-CD. Lastly the avseqxx.dat or musicxx.dat files in MPEGAV directory ARE the playable MPEG tracks. They were once probably *.mpg when they were created, but the authoring process converts them to *.dat on VCD creation. Go to for a start.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, April 14, 2001.

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