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There are many ASP alumni sites and many school sites that manage alumni lists themselves. What works for your school?

-- Terry Kearns (, April 14, 2001


I have managed an alumni site for my school almost three years now at http ://

This site is linked to our school's official site at http://www.aldine

I have my e-mail address posted and ex-students send in their name, address, and year. Then I add the address to the page and ftp it to the alumni site. This is time consuming I know, but I just haven't had time to set it up to run automatically. It is fun to hear from them directly and respond to them directly, though. I have taught at my school for 20 years and know most of the people that e-mail.

Barbara Christopher - Eisenhower High School - Houston, Texas

-- Barbara Christopher (, April 14, 2001.

I wrote some PERL stuff that allows alumni to add their own names to our site. (It didn't start that way but the alumni page upkeep became a little too time consuming). Seems that people like to see their info appear immediately. Of course, some unacceptable additions have to be removed periodically. The form sends me email of each entry so at least I am aware of the activity. Anyone is welcome to the code if they have a need.

-- Ed Greaney (, April 29, 2001.

I take care of my own high school's alumni directory and related items at as well as Hackensack High School's reunion, alumni email and alumni directory at with the help of some PERL scripts. This has been a very successful way of keeping up contact with classmates and former students.

-- Robert Kern Curtis (, April 29, 2001.

I used to maintain it. I used a mail script on the server to process the form, and then used a Word Macro to parse the content of the raw form post contents into HTML. This was a bit time intensive, and updates became infrequent.

I outsourced it to an alumnus, and now she hosts and maintains it. I just link to it

John Schauer North Pole High School North Pole, AK 99705

-- John Schauer (, May 03, 2001.

I have taken over an established alumni site for the North Pole High School. I used a service through a form site for the entries to be sent to me, but have switched to letting them email me their submissions so I can send a follow up message which works alot better. I have all the entries posted by last names (by maiden for those who were married) within each year. I update the site about every 7-10 days and send out a monthly newsletter which contains the new and updated entries plus news from and about my fellow Alumni.


-- Sheli Maxwell (, May 04, 2001.

Like Barbara Christopher, I have an Alum page with reunions listed. This is an area that I feel sorely lacks in webpage presence. My plan for next year is to begin with the 1926-27 yearbook, select photos of class officers and other important events, teams etc. and start building an achieve for each year Davis HS has been in existence. Eventually I think people will begin bringing in old photos to scan. [Scanning from a yearbook is not a pretty thing. Anyone have ideas of how to get a good scan of a yearbook page?]

Luana Anderson Davis HS Houston, TX

-- Luana Anderson (, May 14, 2001.

We maintain the entire school web site as part of our library media responsibilities. Our media assistant/technician designed the alumni page and is constantly adding new alumni as they contact her via e-mail. We also include reunion info as it comes to us and links to classes which have their own pages. Visit the page at

-- Pat Pochert (, November 03, 2001.

Very nice alumni page. Is it a volunteer job or part of the media center's ordinary responsibilities?

-- Terry Kearns (, November 03, 2001.

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