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Do ticks, especially deer ticks, bother rabbits? Do they get Lyme disease? These are in a hutch, outside. How do I tell if they have it and what do I do to cure it?

-- Christina (, April 13, 2001


Ticks bother anything with fur. We found 6 deer ticks on a rabbit of ours that had escaped for a few days. No ill effects, though. I am fairly certain Lyme disease only bothers humans. Also, I read this somewhere, and could be wrong, but I believe there are deer ticks whick can carry lyme and baby regualr ticks. If it has 6 legs, its a regular baby tick, if it has 8 it is a deer tick. Other than the escapee, ticks have never bothered any of the hutched rabbits, they are not in the weeds or grass where they would catch ticks.

-- kevin in NC (, April 13, 2001.

We have always 'hung' our hutches, so except for when we let them out, our rabbits have never gotten ticks. (We have a portable play pen type thing so they can run around in the grass and sunshine.)

Dogs also get lyme disease, or, at least, they can be carriers. Not sure which. I have never heard of it in rabbits... even in wild populations. I wouldn't worry too much unless they show signs: swelling and redness, 'unkempt' appearance generally, dull eyes, etc.

-- Sue Diederich (, April 16, 2001.

Christina, I don't know about Lyme disease but rabbits can get a disease from ticks called Tularemia or rabbit scratch fever. This disease is contageous to humans and can be a killer. My son had this type of tick fever and it nearly killed him. Its a realitively rare disease and to be treated requires hospitalization. I hope this helps you.

-- Wynema (, April 18, 2001.

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